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About Heidenau

Heidenau began producing tyres in 1946 in Germany and continue to produce tyres of quality, passion and stability, and performance. Heidenau produces tyres for motorcycles, karts, mopeds, scooters and cars. Heidenau continuously invests in research and development to create the most innovative and quality tyres. 

About Heidenau Motorcycle Tyres

Heidenau produces tyres for motocross, street riding, racing, dual sport, vintage motorcycles,sidecars and even motorcycle snow tyres.

Heidenau Motorcycle tyres for vintage bikes look like your Fathers tyres looked. These Heidenau tyres for motorcycles provide the perfect old and new balance by offering the classic look combined with manufactured modern engineered performance. This is a high quality line of Heidenau Vintage Motorcycle tyres. These Vintage tyres are available in models:

  • K 34
  • K 35
  • K 36
  • K 39
  • K 40
  • K 41
  • K 44 
  • K 67 - Dual Sport 

About Heidenau Moto Tyres

Heidenau produces Moto tyres for Motocross. These rugged tyres are designed to cut through all types of terrain. Constructed for superior grip, stability and acceleration while delivering the ultimate off-road riding experience. 

Shop for Heidenau Motorcycle Tyres Online

The most convenient and economical way to buy Heidenau Motorcycle tyres is to shop for Heidenau Motorcycle tyres online. Online shopping with our website will save you a lot of aggravation, time and money. We will comparison shop for you to find the best Heidenau Motorcycle prices. The ability to shop online in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night creates a great shopping experience. We also provide direct links to the best prices possible for Heidenau Motorcycle tyres. 

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Made in Germany, Heidenau motorcycle tyres are getting rapid popularity in USA and Europe for their excellent performance in streets as well as off-road. Wet handling of these superb tyres is great while cornering is splendid. They fit the types of bikes coming in all sizes and models and meet the needs of race tyres, dual sport, street tyres, motorcross vintage tyres, and all other major categories.


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