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About Heidenau Tyres

Heidenau is a German company which began producing tyres in 1946. Since the company’s inception, they have been dedicated to producing tyres that increase longevity, value and performance. Heidenau continuously invests in research and development, machinery and employees. In the beginning Heideanau, with the employment of twelve people, produced 35 tyre designs. Today the company has grown to employ over 200 people. It’s global headquarters is located just outside Dresden. They now produce over 550 tyre designs. These carefully engineered, handcrafted tyres are distributed to approximately 45 countries worldwide. 

About Heidenau k60 tyres

Heidenau k60 tyres are a dual sport motorcycle tyre. The compound that Heidenau used to construct these tyres possess a high natural rubber content. The sturdy belted construction makes these tyres one of the longest lasting and trusted tyres for long distance travelling. One unique factor about heidenau tyres k60 is the fact that different sizes offer different appearance designs. This is due to the fact that Heindenau tailored each size to best suit the application. These tyres fit most Enduro motorcycles. These tyres provides an even balance of performance, both on and off road. The tread on the front tyres is a classic chevron pattern which consists of large segmented blocks. The rear tyres are similar however have one key difference. The rear tyres have center blocks connected to create a much smoother ride. This also provides additional durability when driving on asphalt. 

Reviews on the Heidenau k60

According to several reviews heidenau k60 are a top choice, especially for use on cruisers. These tyres can offer mileage up to 12,000 miles. These tyres are 50/50 dual sport tyres which offer a compromise between road manners and off road performance. These tyres are noted to be good performance tyres on wet roads. Off road experiences with these tyres were stated as being good. These are best noted for long distance trips which include some off road sections. Overall the reviews are pretty good on the K60 Heidenau. 

Where To Shop For The Best Heidenau K60 Price

When it comes time to buy Heidenau K60 tyres there are a few ways you can go about it. You can visit several brick and mortar shops, which takes a lot of time, wastes fuel and can be inconvenient if you are restricted with your time. A more convenient way is to shop for Heidenau K60 online. Online shopping has many advantages over physically going from store to store. Online shopping can be done in the convenience of your own home any time of the day or night. They are never “closed” which does not restrict the hours you can shop. Shopping online will allow you to find the best Heidenau K60 price. Also here on our website, we make it that much more convenient for you as we do your comparison shopping for you and provide direct links to the best deals.

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