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The Mitas XT 754 - the proven Trelleborg successor for the rear wheel

The Mitas XT 754 is a rear tyre for motocross, which stands out due to its enormous grip and driving stability. As motorcycle tyres he is a successor of Trelleborg series.

He earned his name

The Mitas XT 754 carries the additional title "Extreme" - and the additional designation is appropriate. As motocross tyres he will cope with difficult substrates, provides traction where others hardly have liability and, through its special construction that while a lot of driving stability is ensured. The widely spaced tread blocks dig into any surface, especially on loose surfaces such as deep sand of Mitas XT 754 is practically unbeatable. In the shoulder area of the motorcycle summer tyres can be found here slanted, square studs that on this way increase the tyre footprint, and provide more grip on the slopes. The Mitas XT 754 is also available in a spike execution, the spikes are mounted on the center of individual, free-standing and square executed studs - so it is ideal for snow and icy roads as winter tyres.

Only few, but highly specialized tyres

Mitas offers a range of specialized tyres for motocross, next to the producer is also known for his classic motorcycle tyres, which are available in many otherwise no longer available special dimensions of the great classics at Mitas. In particular, the replica of a historical profile, the old block profile to wave profiles of the fifties and sixties making these tyres it quite exceptional. One of the particular features of Mitas lies in motocross area, where the brand has long earned an excellent reputation.

The Mitas XT 754 is a motocross tyre which provides more much traction by its design, and lends itself especially for soft, loose ground.

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