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Mitas H06

Mitas H06 are reliable and high quality tyres used for multiple purposes in agriculture, motorcycles, cars, light and heavy trucks, construction, and off-road vehicles with same excellence and standards.
Mitas H06 tyres have their good impression on the minds of the customers because of their high performance in all types of weather conditions. Use them with confidence and satisfaction of safe, enjoyable, and durable drive for long time.

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The Mitas H 06 - the glamor of the Fifties

For the appearance of motorcycles, especially the profile is motorcycle tyres a very conspicuous criterion. Especially with the classics of the fifties and sixties many profiles of modern tyres fit today visually no longer the motorcycle. The Mitas H 06 mimics the classical tyres Fifties and Sixties, yet offers today increased performance over time.

Back to the Fifties

The Mitas H 06 is a motorcycle summer tyres whose profile perfectly imitated the style of the Fifties and Sixties. It is made for use on classics of that time to blend visually into the overall picture of the machine, but this bring modern services that far exceed the performance standards of the former motorcycle tyres. Especially when wet performance, it provides much better results than the time was the case. The Czech manufacturer is also known to offer a particularly tuned rubber compound for every application. In the case of Mitas H 06 the optimized blend ensures not only a tremendously good adhesion but also tenacious longevity. Thus, the classic of the past can also move completely suitable for everyday use on today's roads.

Mitas - Czech company with enormous experience

Mitas has made primarily as a manufacturer of specialty tyres a name in the field of agriculture, aircraft technology and in off-road and motocross tyres. The company, which has previously produced for Michelin today is the successor to the Barum brands and Trelleborg, but produced in addition also licenses the Continental AS tyres. For use come at Mitas not only advanced technology but also a lot of research and development, especially in the field of rubber compounds that are optimized for different purposes.

The Mitas H 06 is a classic tyres for machines from the fifties and sixties, but the original optics offers much better performance.

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