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Mitas H02

Mitas H02 tyres are designed for cycling purposes, motorbikes, old bikes, vintage motorcycles, and sidecars. They have excellent versatile tread pattern for rear and front both wheels.
Mitas H02 are trust worthy tyres to efficiently run on all road types in all weathers. They have exceptional grip on wet and dry both surfaces and take you to your destination with care regardless of what the temperature around you is.

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The Mitas H 02 - for veterans of the Fifties and sidecars

Classics deserve their special tyres. Especially in motorcycle tyre tread design of modern tyre fits neither the performance characteristics nor the optics classics. The H-series of Mitas brings to the matching tyres in original tread design for the classic, with the services of today. The Mitas H 02 is made for classic of the fifties and sixties.

Traditional classic look

Machines of the fifties and sixties were clearly designed differently than today's modern motorcycles. Especially teams were still relatively common, they met at that time also an important practical everyday use in the relatively low-car time. Due to the different design features of classic motorcycles today also have motorcycle summer tyres are specially designed for such models. By Mitas H 02 a tyre was created, which not only includes the original tread design, but also matched by its design her ideal for classics from the Fifties and Sixties and in addition also is fully compatible strained. It can therefore be used in a wide range of standard equipment. he is far superior to the originals in both the adhesion and braking through modern tyre technology - which leads to more safety exits and makes the classics again perfect for everyday use.

Mitas H 02 - Classics specialist

With the series Mitas H 02 brings Mitas a range of tyres on the market, which is designed for historic motorbikes. Faithful profile designs from each era of motorcycle history - but tyres with the services of today, when it comes to braking, grip and durability.

The Mitas H 02 is a tyre which has been designed for classic of the fifties and sixties, and is also suitable for strained. Although the profile reflects the classic look again, but is much more powerful than former tyre profiles especially in the liability.

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