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About Metzeler 

In 1863, a German Motorcycle Company, Metzeler was founded. Originally a rubber and plastics production company, they expanded into motorcycle tyres in 1892. They solely focused on Motorcycle Tyres after 1979 and were later acquired in 1986 by Pirelli. 

About Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

Metzeler produces motorcycle tyres for Adventure and Touring, Racing and Sport, Cruising and Heavy Tourers, Touring, Off Road and Scooter and Mopeds. These high quality Metzeler motorcycle tyres are available in several models and sizes. 

Cruising and Heavy Tourers 

Cruisetec - these Metzeler tyres for Motorcycle offer a combination of sport and touring profiles. They are constructed with robust carcasses designed for large and heavy motorcycles. These tyres provide immediate response during all stages of riding in wet conditions. 

Me 888 Marathon Ultra - provides optimum mileage for a long and safe journey on tourers, cruisers, and custom versions of these motorcycles. Carefully designed structure, profile, tread pattern and compound, Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra tyres are a solid long wearing motorcycle tyre. 

Perfect Me 77 - these Metzeler Motorcycle tyres offer Metzeler’s classic tread pattern and are dedicated to medium to small capacity motorcycles. They provide consistent performance, high mileage and great water drainage for optimum wet road handling. 

Ideal Metzeler Moto Tyres - Racing and Sport

Racetec RR Slick - these Metzeler Moto tyres are designed for professional racing. They were developed and tested in road races. These tyres offer trajectory precision, high speed stability, agility, predictability and are adaptable to various riding asphalts and temperatures. Great tyres for a lengthy road race. 

Racetec RR Intermediate - these racing tyres were designed for damp racing condition and are used for NHS competitions. They provide versatility and fast warm up, high speed stability and traction and regular wear. 

Buying Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

It can be a big decision when considering to buy Metzeler Motorcycle tyres. There are many models to choose from. Metzeler Motorcycle prices vary depending on the quality and use you are looking for. However by choosing to buy Metzeler Motorcycle tyres online, we can definitely help you with that. Our website provides the best possible prices and their respective direct links as a convenience to you.

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If you are looking for high performer tyres for your bike for summer and winter tracks and roads, Metzeler motorcycle tyres will be a wise option for you. With these tyres installed, you will feel the difference of a pleasant, smooth, and comfortable drive on all types of roads in all seasons around the year. So the weather and changing temperature is not an issue. It should not be. These especially designed motorcycle tyres will offer you great grip, super handling, extra mileage, classic cornering ability, extra ordinary dry and wet performance and an enhanced comfort level.


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