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Mitas C 18 - the all-rounder

The motorcycle rear tyres Mitas C 18 is ideal for use in medium and soft terrain. Depending on the version he is up for the rally use as winter tyres or standard Cross tyres. The Mitas C 18 has been specially developed for use in competitive racing. The suits them front tyre is LINK target = "/ mature / Mitas-c_19 / 108 + 205"] Mitas C19 [/ LINK].

Round range when Mitas C 18

The series Mitas C 18 includes the following dimensions: 100/90 19 57 M (carrying capacity up to 230 kg) 110/90 19 62 M (carrying capacity up to 265 kg) 110/100 18 64 M (carrying capacity up to 280 kg) 120/90 18 65 M (carrying capacity up to 290 kg) the dimension designations provide information on tyre width, height-width ratio of the tyre section in percent diameter of the tyre in inches, load index and speed rating (M = 130 km/h). The model 110/90 of Mitas C 18 is offered in addition to the standard design as an edition "Ice Soft". It represents the softest rubber compound of Mitas. These tyres are particularly suitable for frozen soil and snow. Coinciding with four versions waits type 120/90 of Mitas C 18: "Normal" for medium-hard to soft terrain, "Country Cross" for the rally, "Super Light" filtering floor irregularities by the special nature of the tyre construction (carcass called) for more Sound attenuation, "winter Friction" is marginally harder than "Ice soft" and ideally suited for rocky terrain (but also for winter operation). Anyone looking for a rear tyre for something harder ground, with the LINK target = "/ mature / Mitas-c_20 / 108 + 205"] Mitas C20 [/ LINK] will be well served.

Long tradition Mitas

Mitas is founded in 1933 as a subsidiary of Michelin group under the name Mitas Praha in Prague. 1947, the Company redeemed by the parent company and has since been trading under the name Mitas. In three plants operating in the Czech Republic manufactures tyres for agriculture, construction, road, ATVs and motocross area.

If the Mitas C is used (to soft ground in medium hard) 18 for its intended purpose, it is one of the best tyres for off-road drivers. It convinces with excellent grip and excellent lateral support.

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