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What are Some of the Continental Motorcye Tyres Available?

ContiTrailAttack 3 - the contiTrailAttack 3 are Continental motorcycle tyres that are specifically designed for the most recent adventure motorcycles. They offer Continental’s exceptional rain grip as they are constructed with Continental’s latest Rain Grip compound. They feature fast warm up times as these tyres get up to tempurature within the first mile, even during cold tempuratures. Improved mileage is experienced with the MultiGrip technology through a wear reisistant central area. These Continental Moto Tyres possess a Traction Skin which provide extreme safety, with the micro-roughness of the tread surface. This new tyre technology eliminates the need for tyre release agents. These tyres are available in a selection of sizes for both front and rear tyres. 

ContiTour - the ContiTour Continental tyres for motorcycle were released in 2017. They were specifically designed for heavy tourers and cruisers. Constructed with MileagePlus compound technology for consistance performance and optimum mileage. The solid central band on the rear tyre construction increases mileage and stability under acceleration. Better wet grip is established by the high performance tread pattern that shifts more water from around the contact patch. The carcass of these tyres are specially designed for a more comfortable and easy handling ride. These tyres are available in a selection of sizes for both rear and front tyres. 

ContiLegend - All new in 2017, Continental’s ContiLegand tyres were produced and specially designed for cruisers and heavy touring motorcyles. As with the ContiTour tyres the ContiLegend tyres are constructed with MileagePlus compound technology. These whitewall tyres have a multi-groove pattern for optimum wet road grip. These tyres have stepped up with appearance by including a classic white wall design on the exterior. Available in a selection of front and rear tyre sizes. 

TKC 70 - These rugged Continental tyres were specifically designed for both on and off road performance. These tyres are light and agile providing stability during high speed riding and have reduced noise levels. These tyres handle well during wet road conditions as they are constructed with Rain Grip compound technology. These are great tyres for on road and perform well when you need to take your bike off road. 

Where Can I Find These Great Continental Moto Tyres?

When it comes time to buy Continental motorcycle tyres, we can help you with that. Our website is designed to make your shoping experience pleasurable as we are very knowledgable in the industry. We do your comparison shopping for you to find the best possible Continenal Motorcycle Tyres prices. We are a one stop tyre and wheel shop. 

What is the Best Way to Shop for Continenal Motorcycle Tyres Prices?

When you shop for Continental Motorcycle Tyres online while using our website, we do your comparison shopping for you. We not only will find you the best deals, we also provide a direct link for easy access to these great deals.

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Continental is an authentic and trustworthy name where the question of reliable and high quality motorcycle tyre comes. People from all over the globe like and prefer to buy these tyres because they want excellent and even running of their bikes on roads without any failure. Continental motorcycle tyre range is superb as it offers a balanced street performance on one side and provides ultra-high control on touring, sport, and racing bike in the races and competitions. Suited for all types and models of motorcycles, these tyres are excellent when grip handling becomes a problem and wet control when the road is moist due to rain or snow. Tyre range by Continental is compatible for all terrain drives on all sort of roads. That is the secret behind the popularity of Continental tyres among its users worldwide.

Since their inception till 2015, quality of Continental motorcycle tyres has never been compromised and safety with durability on highways has been ensured. These bike tyres are stable on the road because of technology used in their manufacturing and they display excellent grip value when the road conditions are adverse. Cornering ability is also great which helps the drivers keep tight control on bike. Lovers of sport bikes like these tyres due to their unmatched performance. Contact us and share the information of your motorcycle regarding its size, design, and model with us and get the perfect tyre for touring with your friends. You will enjoy a peaceful and smooth journey even on long routes.


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