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Dunlop Trailsmart Tyres

Dunlop Trailsmart Tyres are constructed basically for adventure bikes. Therefore, it offers one of the maximum grips on all types of road situations. They are Enduro tyres that are manufactured to get fit on motorcycles. The most significant thing about this adventure tyres is their ability to offer light off-road use as well besides giving next level adventure on roads. These tyres have fulfilled the Dunlop’s aim of enhancing the longevity of bike tyres without missing any previous sports’ strengths. Advanced tread patterns and other distinguishing features have made it able to give advanced level adventure and sports experience.

Traits of Dunlop Trailsmart tyres

Major characteristics of Dunlop Trail Smart include:

  • Higher frequency of grooves at the center to offer grip and control on baggy surfaces and wet roads.
  • Silica-fortified tread compound that elevates traction and grip in all types of weather including wet and dry conditions. It further assists in reducing resistance in order to provide improved mileage.
  • Great footprint and leveled pressure distribution assists in enhancing traction and mileage of bike.
  • Intersecting grooves that gives outstanding performance on-road as well as off-road.

Price and other specs

Trailsmart Dunlop tyres are available with various size options. In this way, it can get fitted on numerous varieties of bikes. The maximum weight that it can carry that is, its load index is also available with different capacities. The maximum speed that is offered by these tyres that are, its speed index is also available in different values.

Dunlop Trail Smart price varies as you choose the different sizes and other specifications. The price range of these tyres greatly values the customer money through its high-class performance.

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