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Mitas EF 05 SUPER - Enduro tyres with racing and street legal

The Mitas EF 05 SUPER is a by the World Motorcycle Federation (FIM) approved rear tyre for all types of Enduro competitions. It also is approved for use on public roads according to European standard ECE-R 75th The right to Mitas EF 05 SUPER front tyre is called Mitas EF 06 SUPER .

Mitas EF 05 SUPER - the classic FIM rear profile

Mitas EF 05 SUPER is available in the following dimensions available: 140/80 - 18 M / C 70R TT 120/80 - 19 M / C 63R TT The tyre designation are from left to right information on tyre width, tyre section and tyre diameter. With M / C motorcycle tyre must be marked, if this can be reared on a motorcycle rim. The load index of the two models to certify them a load of 335 kg (70) and 272 kg (63). Both types allow a top speed of a maximum of 170 km/h. All Enduro Competition tyres Mitas are tubular tyres (TT - Tubetype), optionally with a mousse (foam ring which prevents a puncture) can be driven. This can be recognized by the yellow stripe profile.

Mitas EF 05 SUPER - a racehorse in any terrain

The Mitas EF 05 SUPER is suitable for use on hard, dry surfaces and rocky terrain. The reinforced carcass of the motorcycle tyre ensures a longer life by very low abrasion, whereby the abrasion of the surface is meant. Also can be used for use in racing instead of a hose and a mousse. This ring of foam replaces the hose. It grants greater security against punctures for example when retracted nails. The Mitas EF 05 has organized not only an authorization for Enduro competitions by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), he is also approved in accordance with DOT requirements (Department of Transportation) for use on public roads.

The Mitas EF 05 SUPER convinces with excellent grip and little wear even in difficult terrain.

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