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About Tyres Avon trail rider

The Avon TrailRider is a most impressive tyre when it comes to cornering heavy adventure bikes it really shows off its ability as a tyre that gels and works with its rider. Adventure bike tyres need to be tough as much is demanded of them and the Avon trail-rider tyres certainly match up to all expectations in both wet and dry conditions.

Avon has been manufacturing tyres for over a century and kept up to date with the latest adventure bike technology for Trail-rider tyres. The demands on a tyre made several years ago were not nearly as challenging as the tyres needed for the bikes of today. The bikes were slower and rode with less power attached, whereas the sophisticated bikes of today demand tyres Avon trail rider for coping with any stressful situation that may arise.

Handling mountainous conditions with Avon trail rider tyres

Avon has developed their Trail-rider tyres to such a degree that their capability includes no overheating either when blasting on the tarmac, winding through mountain passes or covering a long distance at a fast pace.

There are two effective points of the Avon design on the surface of the tyre. Different looking small cuts (sipes) are a warm-up aid as they allow the tread smoother movement. Tiny teeth inside are stops from the sipes closing up under load, as well as being a help for the tyre to maintain a consistent temperature once it is warm. This is also a help with dispersing water in wet conditions.

According to the Avon tyre engineer research focused on adding the number of sipes to tyres Avon trail-rider as well as adding more silica to the compound. This then contributed to the tyre having an overall improvement in its wet grip performance.

Shopping new tyres Avon trail-rider

Before you go and purchase new tyres for your bike, ensure getting tyres that are right for the project you use the bike for. If you are uncertain what to buy then ask advice from a knowledgeable consultant at an outlet that sells Avon Trail-rider tyres before parting with your money.

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