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Dunlop TT 93 GP: Sport tyres for scooters

Who by his sports scooter will go to the limits and it searches the appropriate tyres, it has the Dunlop TT 93 GP found. The sports tyres provide optimal grip on dry and wet roads and also convince during cornering.

Dunlop: Innovative ideas and tradtional values

Dunlop is a real traditional company which has been producing since 1888 tyres and its founder John Boyd Dunlop is responsible for the invention of the pneumatic tyre. Dunlop are known for their modern and innovative technology. Both in the production of everyday tyres as well in the production of tyres for Dunlop Motorsport is very successful. Alone at the 24-hour race at Le Mans so far are 34 winning drive with tyres from Dunlop. Who only the highest quality and most modern car or motorcycle tyres used can not ignore the tyre manufacturer Dunlop.

tyres for track

With the tyre series Dunlop TT 93 GP the most successful company brings a number of excellent tyres for minibikes and sports scooter on the market. The tyres are to be left for the road feel, however, only on the track really well. Fuel-efficient and Durable are the Dunlop TT 93 GP is not just, for they provide the driver but optimal grip on asphalt and are very stable even at high skew. The profile of Dunlop TT 93 GP Motorcycle tyres going strong towards slicks and is only equipped with single V-shaped grooves. The Dunlop TT 93 GP are allowed for speeds of up to 100 Km / h.

The Dunlop TT 93 GP are real sports tyres that allow for cornering a higher pace. Rubber compound and tread are were clearly designed for a faster-paced driving style and see in the area on the board.

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