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Dunlop K 180

The K 180 from Dunlop is a touring tyre with superior properties. Behind its classic appearance conceals an innovative technology that allows an excellent handling of the motorcycle. Touring bikes, which are equipped with the Dunlop K 180 can exploit their maximum performance on dry and wet roads during the summer season. He has among other things, the approval of the recommendation known motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha.

Ideal for road use and occasional off-road detour

Most motorcyclists who go by bike on long trips, often must turn from the asphalt road. This is only possible with the right tyres. Some Dunlop motorcycle tyres have properties that can provide excellent performance on paved roads and moreover allow detour on gravel slopes. This also allows for the Dunlop K 180. It is the most famous Dunlop tyres from the touring segment, which has a classic design and the latest technologies. Its tread promises excellent grip on asphalt and increased traction on gravel.

The classic touring segment

The Dunlop K 180 is exactly the right tyres for motorcyclists, which move mainly on the asphalt, but dare now and a trip in the area. He is also one of the most popular tyres passionate motorcyclists who travel with their bikes often. Its classically decorated, yet modern profile allows excellent adhesion on dry roads and in wet conditions. In addition, the profile allows a safe trip to the area. The Dunlop K 180 features a special side wall, which increases the inclination angle of the motorcycle clearly in curves. In addition to the K 180 Touring fans can also some Continental motorcycle tyres use.

The Dunlop K 180 promises an extremely comfortable ride and increased safety on the tarmac and during occasional trips in the area. It is one of the most tyres in the touring segment. It combines a classic design with the latest Dunlop technology. In addition Tyres.NET motorcycle tyres also excellent are Dunlop tyres available.

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