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Dunlop SP Sport MAXX

If you are driving a luxury sports car, you will definitely go for Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX and appreciate its exhilaration. Dunlop Touch Technology has made this tyre an outstanding performer. With it, pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre due the more rubber fitted which is in contact with the driving surface. A smooth transition from straight to curve position, it provides you more time to feel the road conditions.  


Acceleration performance and braking of Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX is exceptional. It gives as extra grip on wet and dry roads while braking time is shorter.  It offers high end results in wet conditions because of special tread regions that rapidly disperse the water gathered under the tyre footprint. Thus aquaplaning is reduced on wet road. Comfort and stability are extended feature of this tyre due to a stable center rib design. Noise is minimized because of tread pattern.   

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