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Dunlop K 700 - a powerful motorcycle tyre which can convince

With the Dunlop K 700 is the well-known tyre manufacturer again a very powerful motorcycle tyres before, who delivers a very good performance with its modern tread design at any time.

High cornering stability and excellent feedback

Together with the Dunlo K701 Dunlop K 700 is exclusively designed for heavy touring bikes from the GTR series by Kawasaki. This Dunlop Pneu provided with a lavish and modern profile design, so that you can benefit as a driver by the numerous good running properties. The reinforced sidewall of Dunlop K 700 is used for example a high cornering stability and excellent traction even in higher speed ranges, which increases driving pleasure once again to a considerable extent. Moreover, this model stands out from the house Dunlop with his very good feedback and the proper grip, properties that remain unchanged even under demanding conditions. With the Dunlop K 700 is therefore so many unforgettable trip guaranteed.

Dunlop - international success

The tyre manufacturer Dunlop has long been one of the biggest names in the international market. No wonder, all models of this brand are characterized by a very good mileage as well as a strong performance and go even in difficult driving situations no compromise in terms of comfort and safety a. In addition, customers from around the world can use the wide range of different Dunlop tyres pleased that, thanks to the versatility of the range covers all needs and desires.

With the Dunlop K 700 one is very safe and comfortable even in adverse weather and road conditions on the road. This is ensured by the numerous good operating characteristics and the elaborately designed tread pattern, which is equipped with this motorcycle tyres from Dunlop. Even with heavy precipitation or on uneven ground so you have to do without a high level of security and a good comfort.

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