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Dunlop K 70 - remake of the classic

For decades, the Dunlop K enthusiastic 70 the motorcycle scene. With its classic design is tyre made ​​by Dunlop popular with drivers who put their motorcycles older construction on a technically correct appearance value.

equipped for all eventualities

The Dunlop K70 tyre manufacturers for decades already sends a true all-rounder on the road. Today's motorcycle tyres , of course, made ​​with modern means to convince to all substrates with good performance. Whether dry or wet, sand or gravel - the Dunlop K70 allows the driver not abandon. The Dunlop K70 is available in both front -as well as a rear tyre. Flexible shows the tyre and the weight of the motorcycle. If a tyre pressure of 2.5 bar can per tyre loads up to 280 kg.

Dunlop K70 - particularly suitable for historic motorcycles

Today, the Dunlop K70 pleased with hikers historic motorcycles great popularity. Its timeless, slim design fits perfectly into the appearance of classic bikes. Clearly this ability is also to technical data. So the recommended speed of 180 km/h shall not certainly falls within the scope of modern superbikes is for Oldies but perfectly adequate. The design, a tubular tyres on a 18 inch rim (often on a classic laced), corresponds to the ideal of beauty of the 60s and 70s.

As summer tyre with proven technology convinced the Dunlop K 70 for many years. Even today, its popularity is apparent positive customer response. In particular, those who do not want to compromise on safety at his old motorcycle, gets to the Dunlop K70 a modern and safe tyres matching, classic garment.

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