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Dunlop TT 900

Many bikers looking for a good compromise between city and highway traffic. Dunlop provides the TT 900 is a safe and reliable solution. This touring tyre enhances driving comfort in the often stressful city traffic and ensures besides for safety at an accelerated pace on the highway. Thanks to its optimally designed tread of use on unpaved village roads is also possible. The Dunlop TT 900 has the approvable many motorcycle manufacturers.

Enhanced performance on all surfaces

Dunlop motorcycle tyres are known for their versatile range of applications. With the TT 900 motorcyclists can exploit their machine maximum by perfectly safe move around in the city, on the highway or in the field. This tyre has a novel tread that the driving behavior and the road adapts. In this way, convenience and protection at any speed are guaranteed. Even wet roads are no challenge more thanks to the new drainage system.

Sporty and efficient

With the Dunlop TT 900 motorcyclists achieve maximum efficiency in the city and on the highway. It provides direct handling and reliable traction performance on numerous substrates. High long-distance comfort allows bikers are significantly less exhausted even after the kilometer-long tours. The new, much more robust tread Dunlop TT 900 promises a slower wear. Properties remain even with the high degree of wear obtained so that the TT 900 after many kilometers is still completely reliable. Tests prove to many current machines, that this tyre has a sporty character. He has also recommended for approval the Kawasaki D-Tracker 125 motorcyclists can alternatively quality Pirelli Tourer tyre use.

The Dunlop TT 900 is a newly developed motorcycle tyre leaves a good impression on any road surface. It is suitable for bikers who have a mixed driving. Whether. On the highway, in narrow city streets or on unpaved runways, which promises a reliable handling and increased braking performance TT 900 In addition to motorcycle tyres for paved and unpaved routes Dunlop also produces high-quality tyres for SUVs , which also have good road and off-road capabilities.

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