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The Dunlop GT 502 - perfectly suited for a Harley Davidson

As high-speed tyre of Dunlop GT 502 is perfectly suited for this motorcycle icon Harley Davidson. For a long time the American motorcycle legend was only available exclusively with Dunlop tyres fitted. Even today, the Harley Davidson tyre range Dunlop is very broad.

Excellent grip in the wet

Designed for the professional touring offers the Dunlop GT 502 as a summer tyre an excellent comfort and improved mileage. Through the continuous and wider center groove on front tyres of Dunlop GT 502, the wet grip, but also the steering precision is optimized. In heavy rain, the water drainage is significantly improved, providing even greater safety of the driver. The profile was designed in cosine curves design that ensures even wear and thus less wear. This new generation of diagonal tyres, which were developed with latest computer modeling tools, provide excellent high-speed characteristics and better handling.

Dunlop GT 502 - advanced rubber compound

The latest technology of tyre compounds was in this motorcycle tyres used. The reinforcement with silica gives them more grip in cold and wet. The five percent lower profile than the Arrowmax D103 ensures higher mileage. The footprint of this tyre contour is enlarged and thus the motorcyclist gets a much better cornering stability, which is particularly at winding roads of great advantage. Each Harley Davidson fan will appreciate the progressive and easy handling.

Who wants losbrausen on the wet track with his Harley-Davidson in the summer sure has met with the Dunlop GT 502 is a good choice. The experience of the Dunlop brand, especially for Harley Davidson machines pays off here. Extensive tours by Dunlop GT 502 are here a real pleasure.

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