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The Dunlop K 425 - High Cruising

The Dunlop K 425 is a motorcycle summer tyre for medium-heavy cruiser that makes for a really excellent driving experience.

Best Cruising Performance

Where it does not depend on sporting extreme performance and maximum cornering, clearly belongs to the field cruisers. Effortless cruising at moderate speed, gently driven curves and comfortable commuting over long distances make the fascination - but also need an appropriately designed for this purpose motorcycle tyres . The Dunlop K 425 is an optimized cruising tyre that provides both wet and dry roads best handling and good braking. Cruiser hardly ever driven on the edge - the Dunlop K 425 as well as the border area is still manageable and promises to be soft. A safety feature for less experienced riders, when 425 go on tour with the Dunlop K. The rolling is exemplary, and the response to the steering and accurate transfer of driving and braking forces on the road draw from Dunlop K 425th It also provides excellent straight running characteristics and high cornering stability. That makes it a really good choice, especially for medium-heavy machine.

125 years of quality and innovation

The Scotch-Irish name is one of the most famous in the country - some well-known racers were Dunlop. The history of tyre production under this name but is already more than a hundred years ago - Dunlop is the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world. Most fundamental developments which are now essential for modern tyres, go back to this company. We owe him not only the tissue tyres, but also for example the spikes, the Dunlop in 1922 invented. The company has since the mid-eighties a part of Goodyear Group.

The Dunlop K 425 is a tyre for medium-heavy cruiser and offers a finely balanced performance profile for effortless cruising at moderate speeds and a high level of safety, even for inexperienced drivers.

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