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The Dunlop SP Sport 270 is a summer tyre for sports cars

Benchmark tests cut Dunlop tyres with respect to reliability, innovation and driving again thoroughly. Especially for sports cars, sports cars and sedans, the internationally renowned manufacturer Sport 270 Dunlop SP as asymmetrical summer tyre designed for particularly sporty vehicles from the middle class.

The Dunlop SP Sport 270 places great emphasis on good traction on dry and wet roads

The silica mixture for the profile of the Dunlop SP Sport 270 was designed to give the tyre particularly on wet roads an improved traction. About the wide longitudinal and lateral grooves of the tyre is water derived quickly in wet weather and the risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced. This is also helped the wide grooves in the tyre shoulder and the design of the tread blocks. This drain water effectively from and also increase in wet conditions the road contact. Large, compact tread blocks provide much stability in dry conditions and give the Dunlop SP Sport 270 there an excellent grip. The sipes transverse ensure their biting edges extra traction.

Sporty optics in combination with good handling and reduced wear

The special tyre compound also reduces tread wear and increases the mileage of Dunlop SP Sport 270. With its steel belt of Dunlop SP Sport 270 provides not only a good handling, but also makes the tyre additionally resistant to wear. A rim protector and a particularly robust sidewall tyres and wheels protected against damage. With its width of the Dunlop SP Sport 270 is not only a very safe tyre for sporty driving, but it comes with its edge format an attractive wide tyre look close.

The tyre manufacturer Dunlop speaks with his Dunlop SP Sport on 270 drivers of sports cars, who want sporty, safe and yet economical driving.

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