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Driving winter confidence with the Dunlop Winter Sport 5

The Dunlop winter sport 5 is a quality tyre that offers you exceptional lateral road surface gripping when contending with slippery surfaces. This is helped by Dunlop innovation in the form of angled centre sipes, which are designed to increase in length to improve their ability in opening and gripping onto surfaces. This result is ensuring an exceptional lateral grip on slippery winter roads surfaces.

The advantages provided by these optimum performance tyres are experienced on snow-covered roads. The Dunlop winter sport 5 features an increased number of blocks, resulting in an increased number of edges having contact with the surface of the road. This provides drivers with superior traction and improved performance in on snow covered surfaces.

Combat water and aquaplaning with Dunlop Winter Sport 5 controls

Driving on water covered road surfaces leaves you exposed to the risk of aquaplaning. However, the deeper grooves in the tyre tread of the Dunlop winter sport 5 allows for a more effective evacuation of increased volumes of water and slush. This efficiently reduces the risk of aquaplaning, as well as helping you maintain greater vehicle control on wet roads. The original and innovative design of the Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres, the weight factor is distributed throughout the tyre, giving a lower rolling resistance and providing you with improved fuel efficiency.

This tyre is also produced for off-road driving with 4-wheel-drive vehicles, and can be utilised on the road driving up to speeds of 118-mph.

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