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Pirelli P 600

Dynamic vehicles need a tyre that supports their performance in any situation. The sporty character of the car finally comes only with the best tyres for expression. For this reason Pirelli Pirelli P 600 developed. It is a high-performance tyre with excellent properties, which ensures a safe and comfortable ride on dry and wet roads.

For high-performance luxury cars

In the development of summer tyres Pirelli continues with each new product quality, sportiness and comfort one step higher. This also proves the Pirelli P 600, a summer tyre for sports luxury saloons. This Pirelli tyres is the best solution for increased performance and a unique driving comfort. accelerate high-performance vehicles to speed of 270 km/h without the Pirelli P 600 loses its properties. For this reason, manufacturers of luxury sedans like Jaguar set during the initial assembly of its vehicles on the P 600. Along with some high-performance tyres from Goodyear is the Pirelli P 600 at the top of the high-performance segment.

Approvable by Jaguar

The Pirelli P 600 is not in vain favorite of many car manufacturers. It adapts thanks to its dynamic design of the road automatically. In this way, the P 600 the safety and ride comfort contributes significantly. Its striking profile with the same five longitudinal grooves ensures efficient water drainage. Thereby the risk of aquaplaning is minimized and increases the grip on wet roads repeatedly. Thanks to the reduced noise of the Pirelli P 600 is surprisingly silent even at speeds of over 200 km/h. Besides Jaguar also manufacturer of luxury cars such as Porsche, Audi or Alfa Romeo put on this quality summer tyre.

The Pirelli P 600 is a tyre for sports luxury saloons. Its solid structure and the special rubber compound enable astonishing performance on dry and wet roads. A low noise and dynamic adaptability of the tyre gives more comfort with increased speed. Even in winter, motorists on increased power will not miss. Pirelli winter tyres provide the necessary grip in snow and ice.

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