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Pirelli Scorpion Winter ECO: The tyre not only for the area

In winter the road conditions on all vehicles are difficult. While there have off-road vehicles little easier, but without the proper tyres also ATVs come with snow and slush quickly reach their limits. The Pirelli Scorpion Winter ECO is a winter tyre , which off-road, SUV and 4x4 vehicles provides the necessary adhesion to all substrates, even in winter.

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter ECO - the tyre with good test results

Available are the off-road tyres series Pirelli Scorpion Winter ECO in sizes 215/65 R16 and 235/55 R17. The special feature of the tyres is their performance on all surfaces. This was also confirmed in the test of the magazine wheel. Here the Pneu received the rating "Good" and was classified as "recommended".

environmentally friendly Even doing fieldwork

Road driving by their nature very high demands on the tyres of a vehicle. The tyres of the series Pirelli Scorpion Winter ECO offers through his thick rubber pad effective protection against minor damage. But not only that makes the tyre a good investment. A novel rubber composition of the fuel consumption can be reduced both in the field and on the road - which, of course, the environment is protected.

Of course, the changing demands of off-road vehicles are also reflected in the tyre. Because off-road vehicles are increasingly used in normal road traffic, the tyres must allow both on the road and on the trail a safe ride. And this does the Pirelli tyres Scorpion Winter ECO.

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