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Schwalbe Big Betty

Your regular Big Betty Schwalbe is a MTB tyre that has stable shoulder blocks allowing for heavy grip when cornering. When you buy Schwalbe Big Betty tyres, you the stable shoulder blocks allow for long brake edges for maximum braking traction. These tyres are suited for gravity riding. They are good for careful riders, and for people who frequently find themselves riding through mud. These tyres are built for the muddy wet off-road areas of the world, but they work just as well on flat roads if the tyres are taken care of.

Schwalbe Big Betty Technical Characteristics

Considered a performance tyre, when you buy Schwalbe Big Betty online, you can choose between multiple size options. They are a tubular tyre meant for a variety of terrains. They are MTB tyres, and their tyre bead is wire. Their max load is often around 115Kg, they use Addix, and are considered as having heavy aggressive tread. The tyres are self-cleaning, which means they do not need much maintenance. Simply keep them away from rough ice and chemicals, and you will have a good tyre that performs well into its old age.

Schwalbe Big Betty Tyres Design Features

When you buy Schwalbe tyres Big Betty, you get long supported breaking, outstanding cornering grip, and a very open and aggressive tread that is self-cleaning and allows for very good grip. The tyres are engineered for performance, and these tyres use BikePark construction along with modern technology in order to deliver a fast and very smooth roll when you are riding. Schwalbe tyres come with an angled centre block that allows for superior rolling properties on a wide variety of terrain conditions. If you are looking for a rear tyre, then this is a great one and work well with Magic Mary on your front wheel

How to Get the Most Out of Your Schwalbe Big Betty Price

In truth, you get the best Schwalbe Big Betty price in terms of value for money if you simply take care of your tyres. Do not beat them up too much over rough terrain and avoid skidding on regular roads. The aggressive grip these tyres have means that Schwalbe Big Betty tyres feel more at home on rougher off-road terrain, but they work just as well on roads. There is no trick or secret to getting your money’s worth, you simply maintain them well and they will maintain their value for a good long while.

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