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Schwalbe CX Comp Tyres, the right choice

With so many tyres for selection, choosing the right tyre is so important for cyclo-cross riders and racers. What is great about the Schwalbe CX-comp tyre is that it is a tyre with a low, semi-slick profile, has a good cornering grip and is fast rolling. When on wet, muddy trails full of leaves, the tyre handles ruts in the ground, puddles of water, and slippery foliage admirably, simply takes it in its stride. Likewise, on a steep climb, the tyre handles the uphill well without slipping or causing any crisis.

In Cyclo-cross the tyre pressure is an important feature and it has to be adjusted to match the conditions. Softer ground conditions need a lower pressure and vice-versa for the ones that are harder. Tyres Schwalbe CX Comp are lightweight and able to handle a mix of terrain. After all, riding through mud and slush that ranges from one to six inches deep is real cyclo-cross! As well, Schwalbe tyres are known for their durability, good grip on gravel, and good speed on a smooth surface.

Tyres Schwalbe CX Comp for experienced riders

Beginners to cyclocross usually start out on clinchers giving them a chance to decide which tyre to run in the various conditions. However, it doesn’t take long to become addicted to cyclocross racing and mountain biking. The feeling of speed as you race soon raises your adrenalin level and encourages you to spend all your free time out in the open on your bike. The fresh air found on mountain trails is invigorating and encouraging for you to ride with your Tyres Schwalbe CX Comp to the limit of your ability. Off-road cycling is also good for leg muscle building and keeping you in a fit condition.

All bikes require bike care and maintenance, especially bikes that are ridden off-road or in the rain. Among the important things to do are the condition of your tyres and tyre pressure. Replacing brake pads and keeping the chain clean and lubricated are also essentials for keeping bikes in good working order. 

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