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Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tyre

Schwalbe has been known for its intricate and durable designs. They have managed to churn our highly innovative designs befit for the cycling squad. As the name suggests, the Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyre is one of the fastest tyres that the company has produced ever since its inception.

Benefits Associated with the Tyre Schwalbe Marathon Racer

The Schwalbe Marathon Racer boasts a lightweight design is owing to the kind of material that has been used into making the tyre. The Racer uses a thin nylon layer on to the outer-most side of the tyre instead of the usual hard latex. The tyre Schwalbe Marathon Racer is a 40mm section rather than a 32mm section making it very comfortable to use.

The Marathon Racer performs well in dry areas; being able to have maximum control when you have to make a turn. The tyre somewhat loses grip during a run on wet roads. However, this is only when the road is significantly damp, and the bike is at a higher speed. Perhaps the greatest trade-off Schwalbe had to make with this tyre was the puncture protection for the tyre. Nevertheless, they compensate for this shortcoming by making it as light in weight as possible.

Price and Puncture protection

Overall, the tyre makes a good reasonably priced tyre that offers great comfort. Although there are some tradeoffs in terms of speed and puncture protection, the overall benefit is greater than the potential shortcomings. This tyre is definitely for those who wish to be more comfortable on their ride as compared to being fast.

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