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Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 Tyres

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Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 Tyre

The Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 Tyre is one of the best options if you are looking for a tyre that is made of city trekking. You can find different dimensions and sizes and pick one according to your needs. Schwalbe has made a huge name for itself when we talk about surface gripping capabilities and stiffness, and this tyre comes with all those features that you want for quality city trekking.

Tyre Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 Puts You in Control

The construction of GT 365 tyre involves hard rubber, and it also has a tread designing that is best suited for hard surfaces. The tyre provides good traction even if you are planning to get wet in the rain. With this tyre, you will be able to control your bike more effectively than ever before. Like most of the models in the Marathon series, the tyre Schwalbe Marathon GT 365 offers good grip which boosts your acceleration without injecting much effort.

Performance at an Affordable price

In addition to all the features that this tyre has, an affordable price is another advantage that you get. This tyre won’t break your pocket in half for sure. For many people, the idea of low priced products means that they will have to compromise on quality. But that is not the case with GT 365.

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