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About Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tyres

The Schwalbe Marathon Mondial is an extremely durable tyre that comes with a wide hybrid tread. It handles off-road riding extremely well, has great grip on wet surfaces and comes without too much loss of speed when you are cycling on tarmac roads. Even on rougher roads the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial provide an effective surface grip. These tyres are known by cyclists who have used them for mre than 20,000 km to be a long-wearing tyre with the minimum amount of punctures.

The width of the Marathon Mondial is most agreeable for rider comfort. They simply take debris, rocks, boulders and potholes found on dirt trails in their stride without any fuss. Schwalbe’s rubber formula, Endurance compound, is designed to offer the utmost durability in all sorts of conditions. These range from high- speed wet descents on the tarmac to sloppy muddy climbs and river crossings fully loaded. The Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres come with Double Defence, snakeskin sidewall protection with a highly technical fibre breaker strip.

Two versions of Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Mondial

Consumers have a choice when buying Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres. For long distance and mixed terrain touring some cyclists prefer to buy the folding version as the folding version uses Double Defence protection which is tougher and offers superior puncture protection. Even with the Performance Protection of the wire bead model, there can be a risk of wire blowing out of the side of the wire bead tyre when on demanding tours. The foldable model is also slightly lighter than the wired tyre.

Using a wide Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyre for your bike provides good protection as the chunky tread is designed to give an almost smooth centre ridge to the tarmac under normal riding conditions. 

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