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Schwalbe winter tyres review

Tyres are the most important part of your bicycle because it is the only part that has direct contact with the road. This is exactly the reason why you must buy high-quality winter tyres. Winter Schwalbe tyres are the best tyres for riding in winter. They show excellent winter performance. Schwalbe tyres ensure safe riding on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. The tyre comes in 30mm or 35mm widths but its ice-combating grip comes from the 100 spikes embedded in the tread.

Winter tyres have been manufactured from rubber that shows excellent features in low temperature. Innovative approach also has helped create a tyre with better puncture protection and resistance. Schwalbe guarantees outstanding quality of tyres that results in your safety. Schwalbe winter sizes are for various bicycles. Detailed information on sizes you find on official website of the manufacturer.

Where to buy Schwalbe winter tyres

The best place to purchase tyres is on the Internet. Why? Online stores usually offer a better Schwalbe winter tyres price than conventional stores. No need to be worried about the quality of tyres as qll tyres are original. In addition to the best price Schwalbe winter tyres, you are provided with a great choice of tyres. You can also pre-order tyres that are not in stock at the moment. Your order will be quickly delivered to you. Do not forget to check new deals online. Online shops introduce new deals all the time.

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