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Schwalbe Silento Tyre

Tyres produce a lot of noise, and more often than not, this noise can interfere with your driving experience. The Schwalbe Silento tyre ensures that this is never the case. The company itself has produced a ton of new and improved rubber products, and this tyre is no less.

Special Compounded Rubber

This tyre uses a special Schwalbe approved compound in the rubber to make it durable and consistent. It also features some amazing puncture and wears protection. So you know that the tyre won't break under pressure or stress. Another great feature is that these tyres can be found in almost every size range, up to 26 inches or more. It ensures that no matter the size of the tyre Schwalbe Silento will always be your top choice.

Top Features of Tyre Schwalbe Silento

The tyre comes with a great grip and provides smooth and controlled rides. Its tread compound is enriched with a special Schwalbe compound to enhance durability. The tyre Schwalbe Silento is puncture proof and erosion resistant. It has a pressure range of 35 to 65 PSI. The EPI or Ends/Threads per inch of this tyre is 50. It can withstand a load of up to 100 kg and is available in a wide range of sizes, most commonly up to 26 inches.

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