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Schwalbe Black Jack

Schwalbe Black Jack tyres have been made with an intention of enhanced off-road experience. Their versatile tread heroically performs on tough patches and offer you great grip on slippery areas in wet and dry conditions. Also, they are liked by the cyclists due to reduced rolling resistance; they are comfortable moving forward and keeping your journey on. Best-fit for children and youngsters, they are easy to handle on corners because of secure steering control. They utilize Black’n’Roll compound falling in the sizes of 12“, 16“and 18” that do not leave skid marks on the surface.
The secret behind the promising performance of Black Jack Schwalbe tyres is their continuous central rib that helps in quiet rolling on the pavement as well as asphalt. As a result, a smooth ride is comfort you receive when you experience them. The positive word of mouth by our previous customers about these tyres has made us feel proud and we are confident to say that you get a bundle of perks when you buy Schwalbe Black Jack for your bicycle. Try these tyres today and share your feedback with us. We are sure you will second what we said about these tyres.

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The option of getting Schwalbe Black Jack online is 24/7 available. You can contact us from any corner of the country, share your tyres needs with us, place your order, and get the tyres while being in your armchair. As an added feature, these tyres keep exceptional off-road grip because of the open shoulder area that will help the riders get desired control on wet and dry roads. So you can continue your travel without stopping in the weather variations. Also, they are puncture-resistance and are preferred due to their strong protection against unfriendly and hard patches on the way. If you are a dedicated cyclist and want to enjoy exceptional cycling with no hassle, these tyres are for you. We are sure your bicycle equipped with our strong Schwalbe tyres Black Jack tyres will be one of the most enjoyable things in your life. 

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