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Schwalbe road cruiser tyres

Schwalbe technology has changed the way tyres are made. They’ve gone green! No, not producing tyres coloured green but producing the compound on the tread, the tread rubber, from renewable and recycled raw materials. This is a first for the tyre industry and a triumph for Schwalbe to be the Green Award winner for 2017.

The green compound gives a good performance for grip and is very durable. Notably, the first tyres to receive the “green compound” were the popular road cruiser with its appealing tread design . Tyres Schwalbe road cruiser are constructed from an assortment of materials . As the tread consists of about70 to 80 per cent of the tyres total rubber, being able to use renewably produced rubber is most apt.

The green compound comes with many advantages attached to it. The rubber is a mix of natural rubber from renewable rubber trees and from recycled rubber materials such as door seals and rubber gloves. This is not only a saving on raw materials but also a saving on the energy used during the production process. As well, there is no carbon black in the content, an advantage for sustainability, rolling resistance, and puncture protection.

Purchasing Tyres Schwalbe roadcruiser

When shopping for new road cruiser tyres and unsure what is best for your bike, don’t just guess what you need. Speaking to an experienced consultant from a tyre sales outlet will assure you of what to buy. When it comes to the price you will find that they differ from outlet to outlet. Don’t settle for a quick price offer, do your homework and find the best deal available for buying your S c hwalbe road-cruiser tyres.

Always buy the best quality tyres for your bike, you will find them to outlast and be more durable than those of the less expensive tyres.

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