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Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus Tyre

If you want to take a recreational trip in the woods, or you take some serious interest in marathons, Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus tyre is the one you should be looking for your bikes. This product of the German specialists of marathon tyres deploys cutting-edge technologies to give the users a great deal of performance.

The strength of the Tyre Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus

Although tyres are carefully engineered to be an all-rounder, their robustness takes into the spotlight the brutal off-road conditions. Smart Sam Plus proves to excel at puncture resistance; take them to the terrains with jagged rocks for extensive durations, and they would not disappoint you with their excellent puncture-resistance. All in all, this beast is always likely to be tougher than the surface it rolls over.

As for the durability, there is little to be said after realising that the tread design manifests closely-oriented knobs which cause only 30 to 40 per cent losses in tread after crossing 2000 miles. The rolling resistance is another strong suit of these tyres.

The trade-off

The rolling resistance of these tyres gets noticeably high with the riders weighing over 90 kg. Also, the Tyre Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus struggles to grip asphalt and slippery surfaces as good as it grips the rough terrains.

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