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Schwalbe Dirty Dan Tyres

If you are looking for a good tyre to use in the muddy conditions that abound during the winter, then you will find that the branded tyres Schwalbe Dirty Dan are just the tyres to buy. These are tyres that come with enough angle and edge to them to successfully sure foot you through any squishy pools of mud. The Schwalbe Dirty Dan tyres are equipped with block treads that are well-spaced and topped with twin siping channels. They give a feel of rumbling when connecting with quicker surfaces without having any drag attached.

With winter riding, you have to concentrate and be aware of the varieties of terrain as well as facing up to the different cycling challenges you are likely to come up against.

The compound used in manufacturing Schwalbe Dirty Dan tyres assures you that by selecting Dirty Dan for mixed winter rides will provide you with a great choice.

Tyres Schwalbe Dirty Dan ultra-soft compound

Schwalbe has added four new ADDIX compounds to their tyre production. The new rubber compound and mixing process are now offering much more flexibility in the development of the tyre compounds and of the structure of the tyre. The new compounds come in a variety of tread patterns but Schwalbe Dirty Dan tyres are only available in the “Ultra Soft Compound.”

Schwalbe states that the new compound has higher damping qualities and is even better in wet conditions with significantly improved low-temperature content . The extremely sticky property increases the grip over its predecessor compound. The new durability means that the Schwalbe Dirty Dan tyres with their increase in grip and damping should also last for a far longer time than those made with the previous compound. 

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