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Metzeler Block C - Classic rolling resistance tyres for touring bikes

For his Metzeler Block C of the historic company Metzeler draws on a classic running tread and a special tyre contour that the tyres make it an ideal candidate for demanding touring cyclists. The Pneu suitable for motorcycles of small to medium capacity, but offers excellent wet performance, high mileage and good comfort on all road surfaces. The profile layout impresses with proven block arrangement and efficient drainage, which recommend the Metzeler Block C for longer trips as well as for weekend getaway in capricious weather.

Best driving stability by single radius contour

Metzeler Block C has a fit to the needs of tourist motorcycles tyre contour, which is characterized by a uniform design and individually tailored to the type of machine design. The concept is especially effective when heavier machines that are prone to instabilities and mismatched tyre models. The Single Contour Design at Metzeler stands out for an extremely wide tread and a rounded side surface, ensuring a linear handling and a quiet ride comfort. Like its sister models, block K and ME 880 also convinces the Metzeler Block C with long maturities and unsurpassed reliable driving stability.

Metzeler Block C - Solider touring tyres with classic outsole

Through its classic tread pattern, the Metzeler Block C without problems as front and rear tyres can be used and thus saves expensive double purchases. The outsole with a proven for years tread design ensures good drainage and adhesion values ​​that ensure in difficult situations or in wet weather grip and vehicle stability. The long range of the motorcycle tyre is a guarantee for carefree trips on a sailing season addition.

Metzeler Block C is talking to his classic tread and the Single Contour Design at particular tour bikers, which is located on reliability and constant driving performance. It combines robust Metzeler quality with a sophisticated design and offers flexible application possibilities.

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