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Metzeler Block K: Sidecar tyres for summer

For small to medium sidecar of Metzeler Block K is designed. Metzeler shows on tyres once again that the company is not for nothing is one of the market leaders among manufacturers of motorcycle tyres. The classic tread design and narrow dimensions perfectly match vintage sidecar and thus impart classic motorcycles a well proven as popular look.

Solid performance on longer rides

The touring tyres is scheduled for the summer. Its strength is proven by the Metzeler Block K, especially on the long haul. The treads are robust and at the same time highly temperature resistant by the addition of silica. Thus, the Metzeler Block K is ideal for riding at high temperatures. The tyres deform namely little and thereby exhibit a low abrasion. But even in the rain, the supplement can for motorcycle summer tyres deliver a solid performance. The profile intersecting roadway wet without problems, while keeping the tyre securely track.

Safe in sunshine and in rain

Metzeler Block K is not least so popular due to its long service life. Long tours survives the sidecar tyres with almost no wear. His grip knows this to please both in sunshine and in rain. For cozy exits the Metzeler Block K is the right choice: In the speed category P it may be up to 150 km/h down quickly. This is ideal for an intimate cruising on highways; on the highway shows the Metzeler Block K yet sporty qualities.

The ideal complement to the motorcycle tyres represents the sidecar tyres Metzeler Block K. It shows how dry on wet roads a consistently reliable performance and like its balanced handling.

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