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Metzeler Racetec SM - the racer tyres for Supermotos

Faster, safer and with a sensational drift through the corners? No problem with the slick summer tyres Metzeler Racetec SM, the best racing quality supplies. He belongs to the so-called slick tyres, which are also Formula 1 fans well known. This sophisticated tyre is the ideal tyre, taking part in international and national Supermoto race and just a perfect and high quality tyres for the amateur to the professional.

Metzeler Racetec SM - perfect cornering

The Metzeler Racetec SM is again proves the know-how of the brand Metzeler . Especially in tight corners proves this Pneu his great strength and provides the larger footprint of the pilots more control and security over its Supermoto. A 0-degree steel belt are responsible. At the entrance of a curve, the footprint is minimal at lean angles reduced and a perfect drift is possible. The rear wheel is relieved at this time from the weight. Is distributed to the drift the weight back to front and rear tyres, thus the contact area is increased again and the Metzeler Racetec SM reached that moment an optimal grip. At corner exit offers this innovative tyre the pilot full security. Responsible for this is the structure of the rear tyre. The flexible tyre shoulder deforms so with a full weight, that the contact area also increased again.

Full grip and excellent handling

The motorcycle tyres Metzeler Racetec SM is available in two different mixtures. The term K 1 is cold and dirty track and for smooth and medium-rough asphalt, while the term K 2 for a warm and clean track and abrasive asphalt applies. The special tyre contour of Metzeler Racetec SM quick changes of direction by the excellent grip are possible.

Metzeler Racetec SM offers in race mode just optimum cornering ability, as for the amateur on the road. A tyre with optimal ausbalanciertem drivability.

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