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Avon Spirit ST Tyre

Avon is the industry leader when it comes to tyres made of vulcanised rubber. It is a highly recognised brand in North America and Europe. The company has been around for more than a century, and since the time of its inceptions, it has innovated and evolved to stay on the top.

Ride with confidence

Riding motorbikes can be a dangerous endeavour if you are not sure about the road performance of your tyres. You need to have an excellent balance and road grip when it comes to motorbike tyres. If you like to ride in high speeds, then superior traction must also be there. Especially, if you are to face varying weather and road conditions, the importance of traction amplifies even further. If you need all these features, then look no further. Avon Spirit ST tyre is your best option for tackling all issues mentioned above.

Gripping and Speed Handling of Avon Spirit ST Tyre

When we talk about motorbike tyres, Avon Spirit ST tyre is among the very best. It comes with a highly diverse and most sophisticated design that keeps your ride safe and sound. Most of the tyres from the company including the tyre Avon Spirit ST are made of silica compound that is enriched with the polymer .

Furthermore, the tread design is asymmetrical, and it improves the performance. The tyre features circumferential grooves that are wide and are crucial for water drainage in wet conditions. The tyre also has diagonal spikes for better traction and noise cancellation. By all means, this tyre is designed to handle a variety of tough rod and weather conditions. 

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