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Avon Trekrider Tyre

When it comes to motorbike tyres, Avon is one of the top dogs in the industry. It has been on the top for many decades and is known for its top quality vulcanised rubber. With decades of experience under its belt, the brand has been able to evolve throughout the years to maintain its superiority successfully. Avon Trekrider tyre is the recent addition to its broad range of motorbike tyres. This tyre is all about road performance and speed.

High performing tyre Avon Trekrider

The company provides complete guidance to its consumers regarding the safety features of its tyres. Of course, when you need speed, you also need excellent road gripping to keep your ride secure. To provide you with superior gripping, Avon uses silica compound that is enriched with the polymer. It ensures top quality steering and manoeuvrability making sure that you are in control of your ride at all times.

Circumferential grooves and asymmetrical tread design

The tyre Avon Trekrider has an asymmetrical tread construction coupled with circumferential grooves. It means that the tyre will produce less friction and noise with sacrificing quality traction. Above all that, the tyre is budget friendly, and you won’t break your wallet in half by purchasing it. 

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