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Goodyear Cargo Vector combines quality and good performance with economy

Goodyear Cargo Vector is an all season tyre for vans, which makes a newly developed tyre compound and a new tread pattern for good performance and economical driving. The main design goal for the Goodyear Cargo Vector was to improve the grip in all weather conditions and driving conditions. The brand tyres has been selected already for several vans such as the Renault Master, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the VW Caddy as original equipment.

Goodyear Cargo Vector provides efficiency and good performance

A set of all-weather silica compound tyre of Cargo Vector manufacturer Goodyear ensures consistently good driving characteristics, even with decreasing temperatures during winter road conditions. Through an optimized pressure distribution, a correspondingly strong casing and the special tyre compound to distribute the load more evenly across the tyre footprint. This ensures smoother running, allows a uniform, reduced abrasion, resulting in a prolonged service life of the tyre. Besides the high mileage of the rolling resistance of Goodyear Cargo Vector is decreased, which also has a favorable effect on fuel consumption.

A van tyre for year-round traction and safety

The directional tread pattern optimized stability of the tread and therefore handling. The traction performance of the Goodyear Cargo Vector on winter roads is good and also allows precise handling ?? both wet and dry roads. The profile of the Goodyear Cargo Vector features a particularly large fins, which improve traction especially in wintry conditions. Flexible tread blocks in the center of the tread, the traction characteristics are additionally supported effectively. The profile of the Goodyear Cargo Vector is a quick drainage and ensures wet for safe driving with increased protection against aquaplaning.

With the exceptional traction properties of the Goodyear Cargo Vector familiarize yourself with this all-season tyres for vans in almost all road conditions independent of the weather and also benefit from its cost.

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