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Goodyear DuraGrip

Goodyear Duragrip is a specially designed tyre to meet the demanding needs of the small cars. Its exceptional technical design helps withstand pressure and stress caused by frequent braking in city traffic. The Goodyear design technology, innovative and award-winning, has been applied in the manufacture of a high performance tyre. This tyre, which guarantees the safety of drivers and passengers, also offers excellent mileage. Without compromising the quality of the tyre, Goodyear has built a solid tyre that meets all the most demanding requirements. This is a tough tyre that travels a greater distance and is designed so that it offers smooth driving experience along with reduced external noise.
The drawing wide tread Duragrip helps get more traction in all weather conditions. With a greater ability to control the vehicle efficiently on dry as well as watery roads, the tyre has good road grip and good resistance to aquaplaning. Improved performance, better stability and new unique design are the features that make a special tyre Duragrip.
Characteristics of Goodyear DuraGrip
• Design asymmetric tread band
• Interconnected blocks
• 3D-BIS technology
• Two continuous circumferential outer channels

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