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Goodyear Efficient Grip Tyres – High Performance and High Fuel Efficiency Delivered

With the history of bringing revolution in tyre technologies, GoodYear tyres has done it again with GoodYear EfficientGrip Tyres.

Goodyear EfficientGrip Tyres delivers excellent performance without jeopardizing the fuel efficiency. So next time you go on an excursion you need not worry about frittering away your money or contaminating the environment as GoodYear Tyres are one of the greenest tyres.

To make certain that these benefits are enjoyed by most vehicles, the company has started the GoodYear EfficientGrip XL Tyres for load reinforced applications and latterly the GoodYear EfficientGrip SUV Tyres for SU’s and 4x4’s.

The tread pattern displays numerous biting edges creating better handling and maximized cornering stability resulting in reduction of brake distances and increase in overall protection. The distinctive blade arrangement tread design eliminates the water from the tread thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning so utmost control and protection is guaranteed .Our Technology is aimed to create a lightweight structure. Also the advanced tread compound in the tyres possess low rolling resistance which makes the tyres fuel efficient and environment-friendly. Silica Intensive is the advanced tread compound used which gives longevity making the tyres durable.

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