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Goodyear Excellence

Goodyear is one of the top leaders of tyre manufactures in the world and its tyres have been ranked among the highest scored ones in the tests conducted by the experts. Goodyear EXCELLENCE is one of those tyres the reliability and durability of which is beyond any question. It has superb road adherence when the weather is wet on roads. It contains a new compound that provides short braking distance by sticking to the wet surface.


You will feel very confident in handling these tyres while driving at motorway at a fast speed. Its shoulder stabilizers are excellent on cornering when they maintain a firm grip. A better handling is ensured when pressure is exerted evenly on the tyre contact part. A better grip will make your drive smooth and convenient. Noise reduction is an added feature to Goodyear EXCELLENCE. So no more unnecessary sound to bear with when you are on a drive!

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