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The all-rounder among the luxury all-season tyres - Goodyear Eagle RS A

Luxury Sport Grand Touring - this is the class name, in the Goodyear Eagle RS A can be found. And indeed fulfills all season tyres really all these class properties with flying colors.

All-season luxury and perfect performance in all weather conditions

A sportier tyre for use all year round, the optimal performance and all road conditions - this could be the description of the Goodyear tyres probably the shortest summarize in one sentence. The "luxury" and "Grand Touring" in the class name of the Goodyear Eagle RS A stand for the excellent ride comfort and minimal rolling noise of tyres. Here, too, the tyre standards. The Eagle series is Goodyear all-season tyres segment, which has always a balanced and computer-optimized tread pattern. This high grip produced both in the wet, but also a high level of directional stability and optimum braking performance on winter snow roads. The all-season tyres thereby achieved partial power values ​​than those far many specialized summer or winter tyres are.

Run On Flat - Continue with completely deflated tyres

The Goodyear Eagle RS A is also available with so-called EMT - technology that marketed Goodyear under the label "Run On Flat". This means that the tyre in case of complete loss of air can still be driven about 80 km away - with a top speed of 80 km/h. The technology gets the external shape of the tyre, and thus prevents the airless tyre detached from the rim. EMT is Goodyear for many all-season, winter and summer tyre models available. Each of these tyres wearing an EMT-logo on its side.

The Goodyear Eagle RS A is an all season tyre from the luxury segment, which brings excellent performance in all road conditions really. He is also optionally available with EMT technology that allows a Continue with fully deflated tyres.

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