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Bridgestone RE

Bridgestone RE is an excellent tyre for individualists who makes every journey by motorbike a unique experience. It is specifically designed for touring bikes, so that it combines maximum comfort with sporty characteristics. Its robust profile design allows for safe driving beyond paved roads. Motorcyclists do not have to avoid the Bridgestone RE gravel roads.

For better performance and comfort

With the Bridgestone RE the Japanese tyre manufacturer responds to the highest demands of motorcyclists. This tyre is designed for increased performance on paved roads. Its innovative tread also allows the use side of the autobahn or highway. This means that bikers can calmly take a small detour along the unpaved village street without it jeopardizing safety. In this way the Bridgestone RE ensures maximum efficiency of the motorcycle and an increased driving pleasure. Like all Bridgestone motorcycle tyres corresponds to the RE the latest safety standards. For this reason, it is often preferred by riders who are with her touring bike long distances go.

An outstanding handling

With the Bridgestone RE bikers achieve excellent steering precision under the most demanding conditions. The rubber compound of the tyre is specially adapted dry and wet roads, so anytime maximum liability is secured. Thanks to a special profile structure that contains, among other things, a plurality of water channels, the wet grip is especially high. Elevated cleats ensure that the bike reached on dirt trails highest stability. By using patented technologies, the fuel efficiency of Bridgestone RE is particularly high. So consume motorcycles with the RE on average 100 kilometers a pint less. This tyre is with some Pirelli motorcycle tyres comparable for touring bikes.

First-class performance on tarmac and gravel: The promises of Bridgestone RE thanks to excellent properties. It is suitable for all riders who want to be sure the motorcycle on longer routes off the road or highway road. For maximum safety on winter roads the audited provide Schwalbe all-season tyres.

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