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Maxxis Minion DHR II Tyres

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Maxxis Minion DHR II Tyre

Maxxis has achieved plenty of success recently because of its top quality tyres for bicycles. A number of bicycle companies in the US go for Maxxis tyres because of their quality and durability. Maxxis Minion DHR II tyre, is one of the most widely used models. The tyre offers a frictionless ride and provides plenty of traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Unique Tread desing of Tyre Maxxis Minion DHR II

The tyre Maxxis Minion DHR II has a specialised tread design. It has slanted sipes with deep grooves that are wide as well. Such a construction of the tread will enable you to ride your bike with full control even in wet road conditions. This design improves the channelling of water for increased dissipation, and the result is superior traction and grip.

Market Leading Price

Price is another crucial feature of this tyre because it comes at a very good price. The tyre is highly durable, but it won’t break your budget. Therefore, you can extract the maximum benefit out of your investment. Any other tyre of this price range doesn’t come with all these features. Durability is the primary concern if any brand does offer all these features with this price. Maxxis has established itself as a brand that offers durability in its products. 

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