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This is a demonstration of how a highly performing successful trail tyre achieved the distinction of becoming a race tyre. The Maxxis Ardent Race tyre is a dream come true for speed-oriented XC and trail riders. With a tested and proven tread design that promotes an aggressive surface-control attitude, it’s enhanced with a low profile that provides that extra boost!

You experience the adrenalin surge of confidence with straight-line speed cycling and the rush as you take the bends without losing a beat.

Looks good with a great performance

This is a tyre that supports its road appearance with performance. This newly designed “Ardent” version offers you a more condensed tread design with smaller knobs. The result is a surface grip that is confident, secure and gives you the utmost machine control.

What makes the Maxxis Ardent Race exceptional?

The overall and innovative design of this tyre has given cycling a new perspective with a combination of trail and speed that offers a new adventure. With a high-volume casing structure, the Maxxis Ardent Race speed cycling tyre with its medium knob height is the ideal support for technical XC race circuits.

It is a designer product further enhanced by an available 3C Maxx-speed and with a tubeless-ready (TR) version in stockists.

This is a tyre ready-made for demanding cycling enthusiasts who want the best possible ride and a high degree of versatility to go with it! Whether on a hard-packed surface or an uneven one and dust-covered trails, you can expect a safe, comfortable riding experience that will always give you that something extra.

It’s a tyre that once tested could become a welcome and exciting addition to your cycling performances.

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