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Maxxis Beaver tyres

Maxxis Beaver tyres are another addition to the portfolio of Maxxis Company. Their primary goal is to satisfy its buyers, so it tries to do it without compromising on quality. It is one of the best mud tyres which features tread pattern. In this way, you can take your bike containing these tyres in wet and muddy conditions. When this tred design joins the dual compound rubber, then it maintains the grip on rocky places. The Beaver follows XC option to make sure its toughness and sturdiness. It assists in preventing tears and cuts to the casing.

Speed and grip of Maxxis Beaver tyres

In Beaver tyres for its base, the brand uses 70a compound whereas 60a compound for knobs. The combination of these compounds helps in the provision of ample amount of traction. Because of this, these tyres can work in muddy areas. When it comes to speed no other tyre can beat it. They can spin fast and maintain momentum while trailing. Other than this, Maxxis beaver tubeless tyres are aquatic friendly which means it will never leave you alone in wet places. Therefore, if you are a biker and afraid of riding a bike in damp areas, do not worry then. It is the time to replace your previous tyres with these.

Maxxis Beaver price

The Maxxis tyres always show up with the additional feature but with nominal price range. The Maxxis beaver price is reasonable while providing you an extended warranty. In case if the tyre tears off you can get it replaced.


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