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Maxxis M8060 Trepador Tyres

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Maxxis M8060 Trepador

A prolonged tread life with high puncture resistance utilizing nylon belt-reinforced, Maxxis M8060 Trepador tyres are highly popular among drivers. Made for both on and off-road racing, these tyres have exceptional traction and great grip on slippery and loose dirt areas.
Maxxis M8060 Trepador tyre have maximized durability and sure-footed handling in all seasons and keep your vehicle moving around the year with excellence, high quality, and safety.

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Maxxis M 8060 Trepador: Off road tyres with profile

Driving is still only really fun when it comes into the open terrain. Of course, with a suitable off-roader and the matching tyres. The there are, for example, in the form of tyres Maxxis Series M 8060 Trepador which especially in muddy and slippery surface profile showing teeth.

Maxxis: the leading tyre manufacturer in China

The manufacturer Maxxis developed from China and since the 70's has been producing tyres for the automotive industry. The tyres from Maxxis have an ISO certification and meet the most driving claims. The range of the manufacturer mainly include summer, winter and all-season tyres for passenger cars, but also for trailers or wheelchairs tyres are produced. Directly in China is Maxxis currently the leading company for the production of tyres and in other countries as more and more customers from the high-quality processing and the mileage of the tyre are convinced. Moreover, the various tyre model Maxxis offered relatively inexpensive.

The optimum tyre for the terrain - Maxxis M 8060 Trepador

For best performance and off the asphalt which provide tyres for SUVs Series Maxxis M 8060 Trepador. The tyres belong to the category special tyres and offer by the striking profile on muddy and loose terrain the best grip. The tubeless radial tyres are extremely robust, since the carcass is additionally reinforced. Furthermore, the tyre of the series Maxxis M have 8060 Trepador on EU labeling Silent, which identifies them as a particularly low-noise and the tyres have an M + S marking.

The performance is okay, the price is right and quietly Maxxis M 8060 Trepador tyres also. More road tyres you can hardly find a fortiori in this price category. If you like one also runs alongside the road, should not waive the Maxxis M 8060 Trepador tyres here.

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