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High Traction performance Maxxis Ardent Tyres

More than forty-five years of experience and expertise are contained in every tyre product bearing the Maxxis brand label. It’s a tyre that is aggressive in its form with a design that conforms to the inherent concept of providing the best possible traction to those who depend on it. From racing track scenarios to the varied surfaces of mountain biking Maxxis Ardent tyres offer you the traction edge that can make all the difference.

With the advantage of large block-style side knobs as supports cornering at high speed is attained with maximum stability. At the same time, the tyres offer a centre tread that enables highly efficient and effective braking capabilities as well as the utmost traction during acceleration or braking operations. Ardent Maxxis tyres also provide features in the shape of ramped knobs that effectively limit any rolling resistance. This is a tyre that is designed with riders and drivers in mind, with a wide and varied range of options for all their tyre needs!

How you can benefit from Maxxis Ardent Tubeless tyres

The advantages and benefits gained from tubeless ardent maxxis tyres are many and varied. They include giving a rider the capability of running on a lower air pressure. This not only improves surface traction but also provides a reduced rolling resistance in comparison to a tyre with a tube. At the same time, there is less opportunity for “flatting” because of the absence of a tube.

Maxxis Ardent tubeless “TR” tyres offer you the benefits of a Universal Standard Tubeless (UST) tyre but without the negative aspect of weight. Having a square-beaded profile, the “TR” tyres are produced to work in conjunction with the broad spectrum of tubeless rims that are presently available to consumers. These branded tyres have a particular structure that permits the utilisation of liquid sealants calculated to make them airtight and assist in the prevention of punctures. If required this Maxxis Ardent tubeless “TR” tyre can also be combined with an inner tube.

The Maxxis Ardent tyres experience

This is a company that is serious about its product quality, and the performance it provides to consumers. An example of this is shown with an investment of about 115- million Pounds Sterling in a designed test track in Kunshan near Shanghai in 2012. This is just one of the ardent Maxxis tyres proving grounds in China which have effectively established their expanding relationships with the major automakers and their consumers.

The test course and pavement areas are designed to comply with international standards; reference: “Tech Pg Number5 N.V.H. TEST COURSE (NOISE VIBRATION & HANDLING).” Tyres are evaluated with vehicle suspension systems’ to determine noise absorption, dampening and vibration capabilities.

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